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Why isn’t Tapify on the Shopify App Store?

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Tapify is classified as a Shopify ‘Private App’ built exclusively for vetted Merchant Partners.

It is jammed packed full of revolutionary technology, like one-touch payments, which means craft brands now have access to same cheap, easy-to-integrate tools that the multi-billion online retailers use to convert millions of shoppers every day.

More importantly, our highly proprietary technology works. In the first 90 days after installation, Tapify Merchant Partners are able to convert 30%+ of all site visitors into leads and increase overall sales by 6%+.

The reason why Tapify is so powerful and able to drive success for our Merchant Partners is because we’re simply giving great tools to great stores.

Our app is currently (and will remain to be) private because we have a responsibility to ensure that only the internet’s most reliable stores are included within our curated Merchant Partner community.

Before enabling a Store to use Tapify, our Shopper Success team closely reviews the quality and character of the store’s management team, the quality of the products they’re selling (via website tests and product reviews) and the engagement of the shopper community they’ve worked so hard to build.

Once we validate these items, a store is accepted and their Tapify widget is enabled. We, therefore, do not give our tool away to the masses via an open-medium, such as a public app store.

To learn more about Shopify’s Private App ecosystem, click here.

To reach out to our Merchant Success team with any other questions that we didn’t answer in this article, feel free to email [email protected]

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