A modern shopping experience built for today's highly impatient shopper.

welcome to Tapify

Tap to Buy

Give your shoppers the ability to securely tap their credit card to buy from any page on your site. All payments are securely powered by Stripe.

Instant Cashback

Tapify doubles as a fully-integrated smart rewards program to accelerate conversion. For each tap, shoppers receive 2% cashback. Redeemable on any Tapify Marchant Partner.

Purchase Nudge

Tapify encourages site visitors to purchase by presenting itself at the perfect time. Fitted with location-based tax and shipping calculation, shoppers can buy instantly.

Automated Email Collector

An AI-driven chat bot that encourages users in an authentic way to add their email address. This feature can be enabled and disabled.

Sticky Cart

A new age online shopping cart that follows your shoppers around their entire purchase journey. This is always synced to your site's traditional cart.

One-Time Login

Once logged in, shoppers are logged in across the entire Tapify Merchant Network. Shoppers can hop store-to-store and buy with a single click.

Free Shipping Gamification

A smart dial that displays your free shipping rule in a beautiful and intuitive dial. Shoppers can add more products to fill the dial and unlock shipping.


Whether logged in on a laptop, tablet or phone, shoppers can easily continue their journey on your store, view their cart and seamlessly Tap to Buy.

total Purchase Calculator

Our location-based calculator serves up accurate tax and shipping costs to shoppers from any screen, reducing unexpected surprises and fees.

Ready to add Tapify?

Tapify is a risk-free, no obligation tool with no monthly fees. Connect your store in 60-seconds or less to see it live on your store. You can remove it at any time.