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Team Management

Add and invite users

As an admin, you have the power to add and invite users to the platform. This page provides comprehensive guidance on the key features of this process.

Adding team members

Adding users to Tapify can be done in two ways:

  1. One-by-One: You can add team members individually.

  2. Bulk Import via Excel: To streamline the process, you can choose to bulk import team members by using an Excel file. Here's how:

    • Download Template: Start by downloading the Excel template provided. This template contains fields for all the necessary user information.

    • Fill in Details: Populate the template with the required team members data. This can include personal information, phone numbers, email addresses, and personal social media profiles.

    • Profile Pictures: Admins can either add their profile pictures manually, or they can be uploaded by the team member themselves (depending on the lock settings in the Tapify Profile template configuration).

Team member status

Each team member's status is crucial for effective management. Here are the possible user statuses:

  • Not Invited This status indicates that an invite has not been sent yet to the user.

  • Pending The invite has been sent, but the user has not created their account yet.

  • Failed This status appears if, for some reason, the invitation could not be sent. Common reasons include missing or incorrect email addresses.

  • Active The employee's account is active and fully functional.

It is essential to note that every user must be invited before they can use and download their digital business card.

Inviting team members

Admins can invite users in two ways:

  1. Individual Invitation:

    • Click on the three dots next to an team member's name and select "Invite."

  2. Bulk Invitation:

    • Select multiple team members you want to invite.

    • Click on "Send Invites."

When an invitation is sent, the team member will receive an email invitation to create their account and download their digital business card. The process is straightforward for the team member.