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Team Management

Manage your team

This guide will focus on how to efficiently manage team member's profiles within the workspace.

Navigate to the team member

To manage a team member, start by accessing the table displaying all team members added to the workspace. You can access an team member's profile by following these steps:

  1. Locate or search the team members you wish to manage.

  2. Click on the three dots (...) next to the team member's name.

  3. Select "Edit" from the dropdown menu.

From here there are multiple functionaliteit

1. Personal information

You can access, add, delete and modify various aspects of the team member's personal information, such as:

  • Phone Number: Update the phone number associated with the team member's profile.

  • Email Address: Manage and edit the email address linked to the team member's profile.

  • Personal Social Media: Review and modify personal social media profiles linked to the team member's digital business card.

2. Connections

"Connections" provides insights into the connections made through the team member's digital business card. It enables you to monitor and manage these connections, ensuring that the team member's network stays up to date. Which can be filtered on date and export to excel.

3. Analytics

Analytics offers data-driven insights into the employee's profile usage. You can track:

  • Profile Usage: The number of times the profile has been viewed.

  • Connections: Monitor the number of connections established through the team member's digital business card.

  • Downloads: Track how many times the profile has been downloaded.

Furthermore, you can filter this analytical data based on specific timeframes, including today, the last 7 days, the last month, or the last year.

4. Share

Share allows you to conveniently manage and use the the team member's sharing options:

  • Apple and Google Wallet: Share the digital business card to their email (use only when the team member is not able to download it through web)

  • Personal Link: Generate a unique personal link for sharing the team member's profile with others.

  • Download QR Code: Create a QR code for quick and easy access to the team member's digital business card.

5. Settings

In settings you can configure specific aspects of the team member's account. Key functions in this section include:

  • Account Email Address: Manage the email address associated with the team member's account.

  • Password Reset: Send a password reset request to the team member if needed.

  • Physical Cards: Add or manage physical cards (more details on this functionality can be found in the "Tapify Card" section).

With these functionalities, you can ensure that each team member's profile is up to date, accurately reflects their professional information, and is effectively utilized for networking and business interactions.