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Tapify Profile

In this guide, you'll learn how to setup the Tapify Profile, to maintain branding and company contact information consistency over all profiles within the company


Tapify Profile Template is a powerful tool that allows you to create a consistent and professional look for all digital business cards within your company. This template encompasses three key features that enable you to maintain branding and company contact information uniformity:


You can customize the visual identity of your digital business cards with the following branding elements:

  • Banner: Add a banner image to convey your company's branding and messaging.

  • Primary Color: Define a specific color that represents your company's branding, which will be consistent across all profiles.

  • Color Mode: Choose between light and dark modes to ensure optimal visibility and aesthetics.

Company Contact Information:

Add company-specific contact information that will be displayed on all digital business cards. Any adjustments or updates to employee-related information can be easily managed within the Team Management section.

Important: Do not add any personal related information here.


This feature empowers you to set various preferences and permissions for your team members. These settings include:

  • Locks: You can apply locks to restrict permissions for team members, preventing them from editing or changing certain information such as their job title. This is particularly useful for ensuring data consistency and security.

  • Data Placement: You have the flexibility to determine whether employee information or company information takes precedence in the display, allowing you to tailor the digital business cards to your specific needs.