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The first step to using Tapify is to create a workspace for your team. Everything you do in Tapify takes place in a workspace. It's your virtual home to organize all users, including their information and business cards.


Welcome to Tapify, your platform for digital business cards and team management. Tapify, your central hub for all operations is your workspace. This workspace is where you can efficiently manage all users, their information, and business cards. Here, you'll also find valuable insights, such as analytics related to your workspace, recent connections made by your team, and workspace-specific details.

Getting Started

To kickstart your journey with Tapify, it's essential to set up your workspace properly. Begin by creating templates for the Tapify Profile, Google Wallet, and Apple Wallet. This ensures that your branding and business information are preconfigured before you invite your team members to start using their digital business cards.

For comprehensive guidance on setting up these templates, head over to the Templates section for detailed tutorials.