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Assign products

Each Tapify Card comes with a unique product-ID, which is generated when an order is placed. Once assigned to a user, the Tapify Card will automatically display the Tapify Profile once scanned.

Reserved cards

After you've placed an order, we'll create product-ID's based on the quantity ordered and add them to your workspace. These IDs will be assigned to reserved product-ID's, which are Tapify Cards that haven't been allocated to a user yet, so they're ready and waiting to be used!

Assign to user(s)

1. Scanning the Card

One of the simplest ways to assign a Tapify Card to an team member is by physically handing the card to the team member. When the team member scans the card using an NFC-enabled device, they will be prompted to fill in their email. After that, the card will be automatically associated with their Tapify Profile.

2. Through user settings

You can also assign a Tapify Card to a user via their individual settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the user you wish to assign a card to.

  2. Click on the three dots and select Settings.

  3. Here, you can assign a card number to this user.

  4. Once added, the Tapify Card will automatically activate, displaying the Tapify Profile of this user.

  1. By bulk import

For efficient management and mass card allocation, you can use the product-ID's in the bulk import feature. Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings > Products.

  2. Click on Download list.

  3. This contains an excel file with all the reserved cards and their product-ID's.

  4. You can then use this file in combination with an Excel bulk import of users. Add the product-ID's to the respective users in the Excel file.

  5. When the Excel file is uploaded, the product-ID's will be automatically assigned to the designated users.