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This guide will help you understand the workspace settings.


In Tapify, you can group users into teams to better organize your workspace. This helps filter people based on their team. Additionally, assigning a team to a template allows you to display different company information and branding for each team if you want to.

Create a team

To create a team navigate to Settings > Teams. From here you have an overview of all teams added to the workspace and the users assigned to a team. You can create a team by clicking the button Create team.

Add users to a team

You can add users to a team by navigating to the specific user, click the three dots and navigate to Settings. Here you can assign a team to this specific user.

This article explains how teams work with templates.

Deleting a team

you can delete a team if you don't want to use it anymore. By doing so it won't delete the users that are assigned to the team!

Note: If the team is assigned to a Tapify Profile template then they will be automatically transferred to the default template.

User permissions

As an admin you can sent invites to users, this makes it possible for the user to use their new digital business card. There are two ways to invite your users, this depends on your preference how your users will receive and use their digital business card. You can set this up in the workspace settings (users).

Invite to download

Users will only get an email to download their Apple or Google Wallet business card. It's handy if you just want them to use the business card and not let them create an account.

Full access

Users will get an email which Use this settings if you want your user to create an account to let them control their own Tapify Profile, connections and download their Apple- Google Wallet business card.


When using the option 'Full access' you can use locks to prevent users from editing their or changing certain information. This can be useful for ensuring data consistency and security.

Add administrators

Within Tapify you can add multiple administrators for enhanced workspace collaboration.

Add an administrator to the workspace

To add administrators in Tapify, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Administrators.

  2. Here, you can view all the current administrators.

  3. To add a new administrator, ensure that the user is already added to your workspace.

  4. Click on Add administrator and choose the user you want to designate as an administrator from the provided list.

Unlink as administrator

You can also remove a user as an administrator, but please note that this action won't delete them as a user from the workspace. When you unlink a user as an administrator, they will no longer have access to the workspace.