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Tapify is the free app that's giving out thousands in cash rewards for the spending you do on your favourite online stores.

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Shop Smart

Plug in your address and credit cards once to accurately and easily calculate tax and shipping on all stores.

Enhanced Security

Once you've done your product due diligence (you smartie!), checkout in a click by simply tapping your card.

Earn Rewards

Each purchase using Tapify earns you points, redeemable across all your favourite stores on the Tapify network.

One small widget. Millions of satisfied shoppers.

Tapify's lightning fast checkout lets you purchase your favourite products in seconds and pays you to do it

Earn rewards on every purchase! Redeemable across all Tapify Partner merchants

"Technology, Like Art, Is A Soaring Exercise Of The Human Imagination" D. Bell

Shopping just got smart.

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