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User management

This guide will focus on how to efficiently manage, adding and inviting users within the workspace.

Add users

Adding users to Tapify can be done in two ways:

  • Individual (one-by-one): You can add team members individually.

  • Bulk Import via Excel: To streamline the process, you can choose to bulk import team members by using an Excel file.

Individual (one-by-one)

Simply click on the Add button at the top right in the user management page, from here click on Individual. You'll be prompted to fill in the users first name, last name and email address.

To add more information to this user such as contactdetails and social media please navigate to this user in the table and click on Profile. All information shown here will be visible in their digital business card

Bulk import via Excel

To streamline the process, you can choose to bulk import by using an Excel file. This creates multiple users in one go. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the Users page, and click on Add.

  2. Download the provided template

    1. Empty sheet: This option provides a template with all necessary fields for user information.

    2. Current users: This option downloads a sheet containing existing user data.

  3. Fill in all relevant personal information in the template required for Tapify Profiles.

  4. Once completed, upload the filled-out file to the workspace. This action will automatically create new users based on the information provided in the Excel file.

Invite users

As an admin, you have the ability to invite users to use their digital business card. The invite will always be sent to the 'account email address' of the user.

Make sure you've setup the workspace according to the onboarding and added all the relevant information to the user before inviting. There are two ways to invite users:

Invite individually

Navigate to the users table and click on the three dots next to a user their name and select Invite.

Bulk Invitation:

Select multiple users you want to invite then click on Invite.